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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Fukuda Saki`s New Drama! (^o^)y

Fukuda saki is starring in
a new Drama titled ヒミツの関係~先生は同居人~ or in romanji
“Himitsu no Kankei ~Sensei wa Doukyonin~ "
This is a drama distrubuted on July 1st 2010 though Beetv and it can only be accessed though a mobile phone. I think it might only a japanese docomo mobile phone but i`ll have to look into that.

The 1st episode can be watched here:

Or if you prefer just search it on youtube :)

Im guessing that beetv only puts out the first episode of their shows on the interent since according to their website several more episodes have aired all of whitch are no where to found on the net. Or atleast, i cant find them.
Anyway, all we can do is hope in the future -preferably the near future- more episodes find their way onto the net.


Chinatsu (Fukuda Saki)parents died in an accident. Her parents died leaving a debt, so without relying on her family Chinatsu Decided to work as a hostess to survive Alone with her parents debts. Then one day led by a visting friend, Chinatsu`s Teacher Naoki visits the host club unaware that Chinatsu works there. Naoki was nervous because it was his first time at a host club and Chinatsu was worried that her teacher (Naoki) would notice her.
Well, Naoki does Notice her. And Chinatsu and Naoki begin living together under 1 roof.....secretly.

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